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4 Questions About Dog Food Answered By the Founder of Fresh Is Best

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.01.21 PMAs an avid pet lover, Stacy LaPoint began her interest in pet nutrition when her dog Jade, a 6-year-old German Shepherd, was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease (adrenal gland failure, auto-immune disorder) in March of 2000. It was the research that was done to help Jade that led her on a journey of changing the way people think about pet nutrition, food, health and longevity.

Stacy started preparing dog food at home with several well-known authors’ books on pet nutrition as her guides. That led to making food for the pets of several family and friends, whose interests were piqued when they saw the health successes that come with raw feeding.

Now, with the help of an animal nutritionist, Stacy exceeds the nutritional profiles of each recipe created and sold, as determined by the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials.

Now more than a decade later, Fresh Is Best continues to serve fresh whole food, to dogs and cats all over the United States. Not only are we thrilled to partner with Fresh Is Best as a product provider for The Lavender Leash, we appreciate Stacy sharing her knowledge regarding tips for choosing the best food and treats for your dog.

Q: Why were you drawn to partner with The Lavender Leash?

A: Jennifer approached me with her idea of a subscription box focusing on high quality food and treats from small businesses that care about every ingredient and step in the making of their goods. I knew right away I wanted to take part in this new venture. As a local Milwaukee businesswoman, I feel strongly about supporting small local business in our community, especially other woman-owned companies.

Q: Why is it important to you to help educate pet owners about the foods and treats they feed their dogs?

A: Pets don’t have a choice what they’re fed like people do. I feel strongly about making sure healthy food and treats are available to them by educating their care-givers. That’s the only way to reach dogs; through their people.

Q: Is there a difference in the types of food that should be given to large breed dogs vs. smaller dogs? Are larger dogs more prone or susceptible to allergies or other complications with the foods and treats they are given? 

A: Dogs are carnivorous regardless of their size. Quality ingredients are the key to any dog’s health. Human-quality meats, vegetables and supplements should comprise their diet, no matter how big or small.

Q: Is there anything new or exciting that you’d like to share about your company? New products, services or events coming up in the future?

A: In the Spring we will be celebrating our 15th year in business! Everyone at Fresh Is Best is proud of that and we all love what our jobs mean: the pets that get to enjoy our products are better off and that keeps us going every day.

We have always, and will continue to buy, all American-grown-and-raised products, many of which are organic or naturally raised. We sell our products as fast as we can make them – that’s why they’re so fresh. We aren’t looking for ways to lengthen shelf-life because we don’t intend to stockpile inventories that sit on distributor shelves just to accumulate sales and grow quickly.

It takes a lot of thought and organization to make small batches of fresh food and treats and keep a steady stream going out to our customer base. We’re growing slowly by design.  That’s how we’ve lived up to our name all these years.

Fresh Is Best is sold in 22 states and can also be purchased on their website at www.freshisbest.com. Learn more about Stacy and her company’s story here.


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